Hi. I'm Chris Lang. I live in the beautiful state of North Carolina. I like to make videos. I plan videos, direct videos, shoot videos, edit videos, mix audio for videos, and videos. I also like to computer.

This is striaght up the best thing I have ever shot. John Haughie and I co-masterminded this epic action short. The building we used had a bunch of really epic light so the majority of the video is using natural light. Some areas were incredibly dim. I shot this with the Canon C100 and I had to use incredibly high isos with it (like freaking 10k and up). The camera works so well in low light we could capture what we needed and clean it up enough in post to make it bomb. Also, I liked some of the grain that got added from the high iso. We wanted a really raw look and we got it.

I edited the video in Premiere, mixed the audio in Audition, color graded in Speed Grade, and John Haughie did the special effects in After Effects. The dynamic link workflow was huge in an effects project like this. It was really awesome creating a LUT in speedgrade and sending it to John to put into his effects shots as he was working. I used Reason 7 to create the music soundtrack for the short.

I make internal videos for Cisco as my day job. This video finally broke through the firewall and they put it on their youtube page! From what i understand they use it to show new employees how awesome Cisco is. They gave me a lot of freedom to do what I wanted when I shot and edited this video and I had a great time with it.

Throwing children is fun. As a filmmaker you have to have at least one goPro video under your belt. I almost drowned shooting this, so I'm really glad it came out well. I used twixtor to slow down the motion. Big ups to Unlimited Continues.

Jon Spinney and I made fart noises with our mouths for 20 min. I selected the best farts and created a master fart for the toon. That pretty much sums up the whole cartoon I made.

Colin Rolfe directed myself and many others to pull off this piece in 48 hours. I ran second camera for this video. This was a sort of turning point in my video career. We won "best cinematography" which was pretty tight. I got to work with a ton of really amazing people. I mean really amazing. This was the project that re-affirmed my love for creating video and made me want to do it more.

Are you still here? Go away! I'll have more later.